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The Palestinian Authority targets al-Jazeera 16 July 2009

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The Palestinian Authority is the latest Arab government to attempt to crack down on al-Jazeera.

The Palestinian Ministry of Information says al-Jazeera’s office in Ramallah has been closed down after the broadcaster aired a programme that amounted to incitement and sedition. It added that the ministry will take the channel to court and that the suspension of all its operations in the West Bank will continue until the judiciary rules on the matter.

During its Behind the News programme on Tuesday al-Jazeera broadcast Fatah member Faruq al-Qadumi’s comments at a press conference in Jordan alleging that current Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and other officials along with Israel had been involved in a plot to kill Yasser Arafat in 2004.  

Walid al-Omary, al-Jazeera’s local director, rejected the accusations. “We regret this decision, which harms the freedom of expression and the press in this country,” he said. 

What happens next?
History suggests the Palestinian Authority (PA) has little to gain by permanently expelling al-Jazeera’s employees, and both sides will eventually have to reach a face-saving compromise. The resolution of a previous al-Jazeera-PA spat shows how this may come about. (more…)


Somali government closes al-Jazeera office 25 March 2007

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Somalia’s transitional government has ordered the closure of al-Jazeera’s Mogadishu office.

Government spokesperson Hussein Mohamed Muhamoud said “They have been ordered to cease operations because they violated the ethics of the media by misinforming about the reality in Somalia”. “They will be shut down by force if they disobey the order”.

Al-Jazeera opened its Mogadishu bureau in May 2006.